Eat This, Not That! Magazine Launches

The empire of Eat This, Not That! — which started as a Men’s Health column penned by David Zinczenko — continues. The latest development is a quarterly magazine carrying the brand name, published by Meredith and Zinczenko’s media company Galvanized.

Eat This, Not That! will be sold at roughly 80,000 newsstands across the nation beginning today. The debut issue features standard healthy eating content, plus Zinczenko’s guide to choosing the healthiest options in restaurants.

The magazine is the first of what promises to be many joint projects between Meredith and Galvanized. “David has done an excellent job bringing the best of the Eat This, Not That! brand to life in a magazine format, and has created exciting new features that will entertain and inform,” said Meredith National Media Group president Tom Harty, in a statement. “We’re excited to be working with Galvanized and look forward to creating more products in the future.”