eBook Production Outpacing Hardbacks

The Bookseller is reporting that, for the first time ever, more eBooks were produced in the UK than hardbacks.

According to figures recently released by Neilsen Bookscan, 149,800 new ISBNs were registered in the UK in 2011 (down from last year’s 151,959). Of that total, 35,000 ISBNs were registered for eBooks, 30,175 for hardback books, and 71,000 ISBNs were assigned to new paperbacks.

As an official milestone, this is an important occasional.  Now it is no longer fair to complain about eBooks being priced as high as hardbacks; instead we should complain about hardbacks being prices as low as eBooks.

Kidding aside, we probably reached this point some time in 2009 or 2010, and I’m guessing this because the Neilsen figures don’t count all the eBooks being produced, just the ones with ISBNs. A significant part of self-pubbed eBooks don’t have ISBNs, so Neilsen cannot track them.

The Bookseller

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