Edelman Is the Only Firm on Glassdoor’s ’50 Best Places to Work’ List

The business ranking site Glassdoor released its “Best Places to Work” list for the US today, and we’re not quite surprised to report that Edelman is the only PR firm to appear on the list at number 43.

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Since the rankings are determined by calculating the highest average review for businesses with 1,000 or more employees, this means that the firm has a disproportionate number of positive reviews submitted by those identifying as current and former employees. The highlighted reviewer, an account executive in Atlanta, writes:

“The people, the global network, the firm’s reputation, the benefits…the list goes on…you have the chance to experience many different things and move up the ladder quickly.”

Let’s dig into the details for a quick minute, though: Edelman currently has nearly 1,000 employee reviews. Burson-Marsteller, on the other hand, has just over 130 while Ketchum has an identical rating (3.9 average) but only 110 reviews. The same is true for Weber Shandwick.

This isn’t the first time Edelman won the Glassdoor sweepstakes, either.

Richard Edelman scored #3 on the company’s “Top 50 CEOs” list back in March, and only Twitter defeated the firm in August’s “culture and values” poll.

A key number here seems to be the number of reviews. Every member of the list’s top ten has at least 200, with most approaching Edelman’s total; only champion Google and consulting group McKinsey & Company have more. Glassdoor doesn’t clarify whether it weighs quantity in addition to quality when producing these lists, but a quick review of the winners certainly indicates that the number of reviews plays a role in determining the final positions.

So Edelman’s teams are very good at promoting the firm that employs them. As arbitrary as this list may be, the strategy is working: three mentions in just over six months is a nice string of wins. Our question: does this qualify as earned, paid or owned media, since the firm technically employs its own critics?

The lesson, if you want to get noticed on Glassdoor, is to encourage employees to write reviews. Edelman staffers didn’t seem to mind, though they would, on the whole, like to make a little more money.

Wouldn’t we all?

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