What Are The Most Popular Education Topics On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Educators love Twitter: some 90 percent of teachers have used social media in the classroom or for educational purposes. But how exactly are these educators connecting to each other and their students?

This infographic from OnlineCollegeCourses.com explores the most popular educational hashtags, topics and chats on Twitter. If you have a tech-savvy teacher in your life, pass this on!

The most popular hashtag that educators use will probably come as no surprise: #EDUCATION. But following that, teachers are using #EDCHAT to connect with one another in an on-going Twitter chat. And teachers that are interested in incorporating different technologies into the classroom rely on the #EDTECH hashtag to connect with those who can give them some pointers.

Other popular topics include discussions surrounding e-learning, bullying, literacy, elementary school and home schooling. And each of these has its own hashtag, visible in the infographic, that educators use to connect to others interested in the topic.

There are plenty of topics, hashtags, and definitions (some hashtags need them!) in the infographic below, so check it out (click to enlarge):

(Infographic courtesy of OnlineCollegeCourses.com; Modified blackboard image via Shutterstock)

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