Eliza Newlin Carney Named Senior Editor at The American Prospect

The CQ Roll Call senior writer and columnist starts Nov. 9.

The American Prospect has hired Eliza Newlin Carney as a senior editor. Carney, whose first day is Nov. 9, comes to the Prospect from CQ Roll Call, where she has been a senior writer and columnist.

Prior to Roll Call, Carney had been a staff writer and then contributing editor at the National Journal. It was at NJ that Carney made one of her greatest contributions to political vernacular, coming up with the term “super PAC.” Here is the term’s origin story, as Carney explained to Dave Levinthal in Politico:

“I very much wanted to consciously develop a term to avoid using, every time I wrote something, ‘independent expenditure-only political action committee.’ I knew they were going to be a big deal, and I knew I was going to write about these committees all the time,” Carney told POLITICO. “Even today, I get questions from people wondering where ‘super PAC’ came from and why they’re called that. I’m always embarrassed to tell them. Some people don’t realize it’s not an official term – just shorthand.”

It’s been a tumultuous year and a half for the liberal magazine, which in that time has shrunk the publication schedule for its print magazine from bimonthly to quarterly and endured a number of staff exits, all this after almost going under just a few years before in 2012.

Does this signify a change in fortune for The American Prospect? We shall see.

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