Elizabeth Jensen: From Reporting on NPR to Being an Arbiter of NPR Reporting

NPR's next ombudsman starts January 26

ElizabethJensenHeadshotAlthough in this case, the title “ombudsman/public editor” is reader-debatable.

Starting January 26, per an announcement made today, NPR will have a new ombuds-person. The good news for the NYC media community is that the chosen candidate will be primarily based in New York, not Washington D.C. The even better news is that after an extensive search, the public broadcaster has chosen the eminently qualified Elizabeth Jensen, whose career has spanned the New York Times, Current Public Media and the Columbia Journalism Review.

From the release:

“Elizabeth is a widely respected journalist with a deep understanding of public broadcasting and will bring the highest level of integrity to this vitally important role,” NPR president and CEO Jarl Mohn said. “Our listeners will be well-served by her knowledge and experience from decades of covering the media industry. She will play a significant role in fulfilling NPR’s commitment to transparency.”

Jensen added, “I have covered NPR and public media for much of my career, occasionally critically when warranted, but I am also a devoted longtime listener. The mission of this remarkable news organization remains as important as it has ever been, even as the media landscape rapidly changes. As NPR’s ombudsman I look forward to engaging with other listeners and helping to bring transparency to NPR’s journalistic decision-making, just in a new forum.”

The appointment is contracted for three years. Jensen will continue to contribute over these next few weeks to both Current and the Times.

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