Elizabeth Thorp Talks Life After Capitol File

"I told her I wasn’t ready [for the job] out of loyalty to this magazine, and then I go in and I’m terminated."

Elizabeth Thorp‘s ouster last November as editor in chief of luxury mag Capitol File was swift, sudden and surprising, for herself as well as her staff.

But she’s been over it for a while, according to an interview with Washington Life executive editor Virginia Coyne in the magazine’s September issue. In fact, Thorp had been offered her current position, as the editorial head of startup PYPO, a site she describes as a “women-owned, women-focused Funny or Die mixed with Vice,” while she was still at Capitol File–just barely, as it turned out:

I interviewed Stephanie [Laing, PYPO’s founder] for a story a couple of years ago and she and I really hit it off. We kept in touch and in November, I met her in New York for a quick glass of wine. She said “I want to do this. I want you full time as my editor-in-chief.” My first question was “Is it paid?” [laughter] and then I said, “I want to do this,” but told her I felt like I owed it to Capitol File to stay a few more months, through the White House Correspondents’Association dinner. And then I was unexpectedly laid off that following morning, so I texted Stephanie literally as I was driving out of the garage and said “Hey, I just got laid off,” and she wrote back,“You’re hired.” Here’s this comedic irony of all the things we were talking about with PYPO. I told her I wasn’t ready [for the job] out of loyalty to this magazine, and then I go in and I’m terminated.

Read the full interview here.

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