Email Proves Some Patch Layoffs Might Be Good

PandoDaily, citing a “pretty good” source, is reporting that AOL will be laying off 100s of employees next week, some of them from its hyperlocal network, Patch. We asked Patch for comment, but haven’t heard back.

If the rumor ends up being true, we would think that one of the Patch employees getting axed is the same person that allegedly sent the following email to Business Insider:

While you losers at BI are busy hating on us we were at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana last week. That’s right President’s Week Bitch. The most expensive week of the year to travel. Plus here at HQ we now have beer on tap and nap rooms. So why don’t you piss off? Or are you just jealous you don’t work here?

Screw BI and Go PATCH!

Two thoughts:

  1. That’s some passionate repping of a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
  2. Seems like that is one staffer Patch could do without