Email Marketing Vs Social Media – Which is Better? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email Marketing Vs Social Media - Which is Better? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Right now there’s a heated debate taking place within the top marketing circles. On one side we have defenders of the tried-and-tested, undisputed world champion of digital marketing. And on the other, proponents of the still wet-behind-the-ears, modern upstart who has revolutionised branding in the last decade.

So, here’s the billion dollar question. Which is better: email marketing or social media?

Answer: both. And neither.

There is no right answer, because both technologies are still entirely valid in the modern marketing era. Every year advocates of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter like to tell the world that email is finally “dead”, but every year email stands tall. Indeed, it goes from strength-to-strength – I’d argue that email marketing has never been more important for brands of all shapes and sizes across almost every industry.

Does that mean social is a load of hot air? Far from it. While email still converts better overall, nothing beats social media for keeping fans and customers engaged, educated and informed on a real-time, day-to-day basis.

Bottom line: smart marketers (and smarter brands) don’t choose between email or social media. They use, and recognise the value and benefits of both.

Check the visual below for more insights, which comes courtesy of Email Delivered.

Email Marketing Vs Social Media - Which is Better? [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Email Delivered.)

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