Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: More Zombies & More Football Top the Charts

If there has been one theme of application to be seen across the iOS charts this week, it would be football. With the onset of the NFL season, the top free charts are joining in as well, with yet another football app — an official app from NFL Enterprises — growing on both the iPhone and iPad. Even so, this is only one app of many highlights today. Other new top title topics include, once again, the zombie apocalypse, mobile television and movies, physics, and children’s learning.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Zombie Highway — The #1 game on iPhone and the #3 game on iPad this week is Zombie Highway. The game is another for the zombie apocalypse and has players driving down a highway for as long as possibles as zombies leap to the sides of the car and attempt to tip it over. Players defend themselves with limited ammunition and by scraping zombies off on debris (without crashing). The app typically costs $0.99 but is currently free due to a feature on FreeAppADay. It is created by RenderPaz Studios, a California-based company focused on mobile gaming, founded in 2010 by Kevin Pazirandeh. Zombie Highway was last updated July 11th.

Crackle – Movies & TV — Crackle – Movies & TV is an advertisement-supported application that allows users to watch both full-length movies and television shows directly on their iPhone. Last updated August 26th with new shows and films, Crackle is currently #2 on the top free iPhone apps list. It is credited to Crackle Inc., a Los Angeles entertainment company that provides movies and television online.

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil — The next title on the list is a physics game by the name of Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil. In the app, players are given a variety of puzzles in which they must knock down a large red box (the “Evil Devil”), using a finite number of shots. Usually a paid app, the game has risen to #4 due to being made free for a limited time. That said, it has only be available since August 29th. Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil is credited to iTankster.com, but links to an Android and iOS developer by the name of RV AppStudios.

NFL ’11 — In at #5 is NFL ’11 from NFL Enterprises. The National Football League’s official app, the growth is due to the starting of the new NFL season. NFL ’11 provides users with everything they’ll need to enhance their football experience, including live scoring, game alerts, highlights, news, and so on. Moreover, the app was last updated August 27th, in preparation for the 2011 season, giving the app a new design and the noted alerts. The application is also currently sitting at the #6 spot on iPad.

Smurfs’ Grabber — Beeline Interactive is the social and mobile arm of core games company, Capcom. Known best for Smurfs’ Village, the company reported $15.5 in earnings in the quarter ending in June. Its new release (September 1st), Smurfs’ Grabber, is looking to add to that. The game is a simple arcade, claw game in which players must tap ingredients needed to complete recipes within a limited amount of time. Recipes are displayed at the top, and ingredients vanish if players are not quick enough. Currently, the game has no tie in to Smurfs’ Village yet, but a rewards feature for turning in completed recipes suggests that there will be in the future. The game monetizes through in-app purchases of virtual currency and is ranked #6 and #8 on iPhone and iPad respectively.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Sea Battle Classic – HD — Siberian developer Kama Games — a 2009-founded mobile and social games studio — is finding itself on the top charts again with its new app, Sea Battle Classic – HD. The game is essentially an iOS version of the tabletop game Battleship, and is presented in a pencil-and-paper art style. Players call out shots on a grid and try to sink all of their opponent’s ships. Part of the game’s rise is due to a feature on MonsterFreeApps.com. It monetizes through in-app purchases and was released just August 31st. It is currently the #1 app on iPad.

Crimson: Steam Pirates — Crimson: Steam Pirates is the first mobile title to come out of Bungie Aerospace and is developed by a small studio by the name of Hairbrained Schemes. The #2 ranked game follows the rise of pirate Thomas Blood within a steam-punk version of the Caribbean. The title is a turn-based strategy game of ships, submarines, and zeppelins that is free-to-play initially, but charges $1.99 for extra single player content. Crimson: Steam Pirates was released September 1st.

Paint And Learn Lite — In at #4 is a kids game, Paint And Learn Lite. This free, demo-version, of the $1.99 full game is a simple coloring app for kids that is focused around counting (e.g. connect-the-dots), the alphabet, and color. The title is a new release, having only been available since September 2nd. Once again, the developer in question is the enigmatic company of AlphaWeb Plus. Though no information is provided on it, AlphaWeb is credited with several other iOS applications and games.

Bounce the Bunny — Backflip Studios, the Colorado-based developer of several top iOS titles, has released (September 1st) its latest free-to-play app, Bounce the Bunny. The game is a sort of physics, puzzle app in which players try to get a bunny from Point A to Point B by strategically placing magical, propelling bubbles and giving their rabbit a swift kick in the bum. As a freemium game, Bounce the Bunny monetizes by the means typically used by Backflip Studios, which is through in-app purchases. Players can buy virtual currency to be used on in-game content such as upgrades. Bounce the Bunny is ranked #9 on the top free iPad apps list.

Little Helper HD — The final app of the day comes in at #12: Little Helper HD. The title is a virtual pet type of game in which players control a cutsie avatar dubbed “the Helper.” With Helper, players perform stylized versions of everyday chores such as cleaning, growing flowers, or cooking.  Along with this, players can decorate their own virtual space and share accomplishments via social feeds. Little Helper is developed by Pixonic, a Moscow-based publisher of social games founded back in 2009 and who states having already received three rounds of venture funding. Little Helper HD was last updated September 6th and monetizes through in-app purchases.

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