Emerging top grossing Android apps: Draw Something, Draw Something and Draw Something

This week’s Android charts bear a striking similarity to our iOS charts — lead by Draw Something. Other than the continued dominance of the social Pictionary-style game, the wasn’t much change in the top ranked games and apps, but Soft Pauer’s officially licensed F1 2012 Timing App proved to be an outlier. The new sports app climbed to the No. 23 spot on the top grossing charts this week, partially fueled by its $30.80 price tag.

This week’s top free grossing Android apps

Draw Something — It may sound repetitive, but once again, Draw Something leads the Android charts, taking both the No. 1 spot for the paid, $0.99 version and the No. 5 spot for the free version. Now owned by Zynga, the game has been a massive hit for developer OMGPOP and is estimated to be earning $250,000 a day for the company.

Tap Fish – Gameview StudiosTap Fish holds at No. 2 this week, driven down from the top spot by the Draw Something phenomenon. The game was updated on Mar. 15 with a new fish training event.

Life is Crime – Red Robot Labs’ location-based crime game Life is Crime takes the No. 17 spot on the top grossing charts this week. Since its release eight months ago the game has rarely been out of the top 25. The game made its debut in Hong Kong on Mar. 21 and versions for Japan and Taiwan are forthcoming.

Tiny Village – Moving down to No. 21 we have TinyCo’s Tiny Village. Although installs for the game have been steadily declining for the past month, the prehistoric citybuilder has more than 1 million monthly active users, according to its Google Play listing.

F1 2012 Timing App Premium – Finally, closing our top grossing chart in the No. 23 spot we have the premium version of Soft Pauer’s officially licensed F1 2012 Timing App. Coming in at a massive $30.80, the app allows F1 fans to see the position of cars during a race and provides access to more than 130 hours of live F1 race coverage. Although more popular in Europe than in North America, the app has been downloaded more than 5,000 times since its release earlier this month. It was updated on Mar. 21 to support large screens and fix bugs.

This week’s top free Android apps

Facebook for Android – Facebook’s official Android app continues to be exceptionally popular, coming in at No. 2 on the free charts, and boasting more than 100,000,000 lifetime installs.

Twitter – Moving down to the No. 15 spot on the free app charts, Facebook’s rival Twitter is also doing healthy business with more than 50 million downloads. The app recieved a major update on Mar. 1 to add a swipe shortcut, improve scrolling and support for Ice Cream Sandwich and add support for Filipino and Simplified Chinese.

Word Search – French developer Melimots continues to see its game Word Search do well on Android. The app is this week’s No. 17 most downloaded free Android app. It was last updated on Mar. 22.

N64 Emulator – Although in a legal grey area, Emulator Publisher’s app N64 Emulator grabs the No. 18 spot this week. Although the app’s description states it is free, “open source” N64 software, the app’s Google Play page show the emulator running a ROM of Mario 64, a game that is definitely not open-source. N64 Emulator does not come with any ROMs. Dubious legality aside, the app has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

Angry Birds Seasons – Rovio’s Angry Birds Seasons is this week’s No. 21 top grossing app. The company’s newest game, Angry Birds Space hasn’t been available long enough to make our weekly Android roundup, but look for it next week.

This week’s top paid Android apps

Draw Something – There is no escaping the dominance of Draw Something, the app that pushed developer OMGPOP to a reported $180 million sale with a potential $30 million earn out after being bought by Zynga yesterday. The app leads all three Android charts this week. The paid version is on sale for $0.99.

Beautiful Widgets – Updated on Mar. 22, LevelUp Studio’s Beautiful Widgets takes the No. 3 spot on the paid Android app charts this week. The app costs $2.79.

Dude Perfect – Moving down to No. 17, we find Dude Perfect’s self-titled sports game, Dude Perfect. The $0.99 app challenges players to make a variety of trick basketball shots, and plays out more like a physics puzzler than a true sports game. Dude Perfect has racked up more than 10,000 installs in the 30 days since its release.

World of Goo – 2D Boy’s World of Goo continues to be an Android chart mainstay, making an appearance this week in the No. 19 spot. The game, which costs $4.99 got its start on PC before finding a second life on Android.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – Gameloft closes our charts in the No. 24 position with its game Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Weighing in at a hefty 1.37 GB, the app is a first person shooter that provides console quality graphics and gameplay. The game costs $6.99. The game was last updated on Mar. 21 for minor bug fixes.

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