7 Types of Engagement That Can Get You More Customers on Twitter

7 Types of Engagement That Can Get You More Customers on Twitter

So you’re tweeting spectacular content – stunning pictures, hilarious jokes, industry insights – but you’re not getting any bites. No retweets, no responses, no clicks. What are you doing wrong?

No content strategy is complete without an engagement strategy: a plan for connecting with your followers and other Twitter users in a meaningful way. Here are seven types of engagement that you can incorporate into your strategy to get you more customers on Twitter.

1. Respond to positive feedback
If a customer takes the time to tweet something nice about your company, product or service, the least you can do is acknowledge them. Send a quick thank you, and take it one step further by asking them a follow-up question. It’s also a good idea to favorite the tweet, which will let your customers know you’re listening.

2. Respond to negative feedback
It might hurt when you read negative tweets about your brand, but one of the best ways to diffuse negativity is to address it head on. By engaging customers who are dissatisfied, you can show them that you care enough to reach out. Offer to solve their problem, and you might just turn an angry customer into a loyal one – and one who will sing your customer service praises to their network.

3. Participate in Twitter chats
Almost every industry has one or more Twitter chats. By participating in an active chat for just an hour a week, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and attract new, targeted customers to your brand.

4. Mention influencers
Do you aspire to have a conversation with Seth Godin? Would you absolutely love to get Kevin Rose to tweet about your new startup? Twitter celebrities aren’t necessarily as aloof as they may seem. By @mentioning them in your tweets, you may put yourself on their radar. And if your tweet is engaging enough, you might just be able to strike up a conversation.

5. Ask questions
One of the best ways to engage current followers and potential customers is to ask questions. These can be polls that you send out to the general “Twittersphere”, or questions that you direct to specific users using @replies and @mentions. It is nearly impossible for people to leave a question unanswered, so this is a great addition to any engagement strategy.

6. Answer questions
Using Twitter search, try seeking out questions that others are asking and offering up your answers. You can target potential customers who are asking questions within your market – such as what kind of car they should buy or where the closest cupcake shop is.

7. Go beyond the retweet
Retweeting someone is all well and good, but consider taking your engagement up a notch. Respond to their tweet and add your opinion. Ask them to expand on their original tweet. Retweet with a comment, and ask your followers for their input. There are plenty of ways to go beyond the retweet, all of which can take your engagement to the next level.

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