eRepublik Labs Deploys Tactical Heroes on iOS

Tactical HeroeseRepublik Labs has announced the launch of Tactical Heroes on mobile devices, a turn-based strategy title that takes players to the planet of Eden on a quest to destroy alien invaders and reclaim the planet for human colonization. Tactical Heroes offers multiple gameplay modes, including a single player campaign and multiplayer battles, and also allows users to build their own base in between missions.

The hub of Tactical Heroes is the player’s base, which is built by balancing the use of two main currencies: Tungstite and Lithium-E. Players start with just two troops, but can utilize their barracks to recruit more rookie units. Tungstite and Lithium-E generators are also available, as well as resource storage buildings, all of which can be upgraded to increase their productivity or capacity. Players have access to a command center, an intensive care unit for reviving mortally wounded soldiers, defensive items like walls and turrets, and so on.

Users can go it alone, building and upgrading structures as they see fit, or they can follow along with the game’s quest series, which provides opportunities to earn premium currency. This currency is used to complete building, upgrading or unit healing tasks instantly, among other features.

Once players have a suitable army, they can head into battle in the single-player mode, or in multiplayer battles. These player-vs-player encounters allow users to fight for extra resources and Tactical Points. Users can even attack their friends outright, but they’ll only gain Tactical Points for doing so, instead of resources.Tactical HeroesAs soon as players complete their first multiplayer or friend-specific battle, they’ll be placed into a league. Leagues last for one week, and see players earning rewards based on the number of Tactical Points they can earn during that seven-day period.

Meanwhile, the game’s single-player campaign offers level-based missions, with each level having three possible stars to unlock. These are rewarded based on the amount of damage dealt to the enemy base before the mission ends.

In each battle, players deploy their units in a far corner of the battlefield, and utilize turn-based movement to advance on the enemy base. In cases where more than one deployment zone is available, users can tap and swipe to rotate their view, manually choosing the deploy zone they’d like to engage, based on available cover and proximity to key structures that must be destroyed.

Each unit has a specific number of action points that can be spent each turn for movement and attacks, and users are encouraged to keep their units in cover as often as possible to protect them from the enemy.Tactical HeroesWhile players may be able to see all of the way across a map, units themselves must advance closer to enemies in order to perform any worthwhile actions. Their effectiveness in combat is also related to the unit’s type (snipers, for instance, can attack effectively from longer distances). While the goal of most missions is to destroy the enemy’s command HQ and any military units nearby, players can also steal resources from storage buildings if they’d like to go out of their way to do so.

After battle, units gain experience points, and can be upgraded to become more powerful. In the case of rookie (default) units, this upgrade transforms them into specialized classes, like an assault unit, engineer or sniper. These upgrades also cost currency to perform.

“Easy to jump into with endless possibilities, Tactical Heroes draws inspiration from the depth of classic PC games, creating an experience that’s easy to jump into, but deep enough to be played again and again,” said Alexis Bonte, CEO of eRepublik Labs, in a statement. “Pitting nation against nation, and humans against aliens, Tactical Heroes is the ultimate mash up of turn-based and asynchronous strategy, meaning players don’t need to wait for other players or worry about them chickening out.”

Tactical Heroes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.