‘Esquire’ Explores State of Men Worldwide

Global section is first of its kind

Last November, editors of Esquire’s worldwide editions came together for a day to discuss the state of man around the world. The April issue of Esquire, out this week, contains the fruits of that summit. Most of Esquire’s 21 international editions will carry the editorial package The Esquire Global Initiative Presents Dispatches From the World of Men, the first collaboration of its kind.

The section runs eight pages and contains contributions from 17 international editions, including a guide to drinking in Romania, street fashion in Kuala Lumpur and a tip sheet for Arab tyrants (“Have a charming interview with a famous journalist. Amanpour would do.”).

David Granger, the editor of the U.S. edition which spearheaded the project, said the topics were randomly assigned to the 17 editions that participated. “It was a really cool experiment,” he said. At a time when the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread around the world, for example, Granger said, “I think it’s kind of interesting to see China’s perspective on the rich.”

Transatlantic cooperation may work better with editors than advertisers, though. International brands often talk about making global ad buys, but when Esquire sought ad support for the section, it found companies had difficulty combining budgets that are broken up by market. “We’re interested in pursuing the idea, but until we get some ad support, it’s going to be difficult to do it,” Granger said.