Eva Studio Celebrates the Holidays with ‘Merry Christmas’ on Facebook

Merry ChristmasEva Studio has released its newest puzzle game on Facebook, bringing holiday cheer to players on the platform. The game is called simply “Merry Christmas,” and it asks players to complete match-three levels alongside Santa Claus. The game offers traditional match-three mechanics, as players swap the locations of two symbols to create a line of three or more matching symbols in a row.

In each level of the game, players are presented with a different game board and overall goal. One stage may ask players to earn a large number of points, while another may ask players to clear ice blocks from the screen by making matches on top of them. Still others ask players to drop stockings to the bottom of the screen by clearing symbols beneath them, and so on.

Stages have move limits, and players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on the number of points they earn. Any leftover moves are turned into bonus points once the level goals have been achieved, hopefully pushing players to that third star. If not, players can replay stages to earn missed stars or simply increase their high score. Conversely, if players fail to complete a level’s goals before running out of moves, they lose a life.Merry Christmas on FacebookPlayers can create their own power-ups while playing, which are formed when making matches of four or more symbols, or matches in special T or L shapes. These power-ups may clear all symbols in a single row or column (or both), or may clear all symbols of a particular type from the screen when activated (either by using them in a match, or by swapping two touching power-ups).

Separate power-ups are unlocked as players complete levels, and can be manually activated while playing. One, a snowball, allows gamers to remove one selected symbol from the screen, while a lightning bolt clears all symbols in a selected column, as examples. Some of these are given away for free, while additional items can be purchased with coins (real money).

As players complete levels, they can compare their high scores with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards. In addition, players will unlock free prizes on the level map, as they collect stars in bulk.

“Merry Christmas” is available to play for free on Facebook.

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