Evander Holyfield Warns Against the Dangers of Road Rage

Amusing PSA promoted by the State of Georgia

Here’s an unusual PSA to end the week as we prepare for that sports contest everyone’s talking about.

Atlanta has a traffic problem. You know this, we know this, and the city government knows this better than anyone else. The State of Georgia was very concerned with the growing incidence of “road rage,” so it reached out to two parties: local ad/PR veteran Joel Babbit and former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield.

This work may not have the high production values and pop stars of the ads you’ll see during Sunday’s game (it was filmed in less than an hour and Holyfield did it pro bono), but it’s an interesting case study in collaboration between media, government, and the agency world.

As Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens told ESPN this week:

“Everyone knows Evander Holyfield…And everyone knows they don’t want to mess around with him.”

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