Eventbrite Uses Facebook Connect To Recommend Events

Events and ticketing site Eventbrite has implemented Facebook Connect to add a social discovery layer to its site.

When you grant Eventbrite access to your Facebook data, it will show you the events that your Facebook friends are attending. When you book an event on Eventbrite, the site already prompts you to share it with your friends via a Facebook status update but until now that information was not displayed on Eventbrite. A spokesman told AllFacebook.com that it would only show events that Eventbrite users had chosen to share on Facebook at the time of booking, while private events would remain private.

Tamara Mendelsohn, director of marketing for Eventbrite, said this showed a change in focus for the site. “To date we’ve focused on helping event organizers by providing the tools to make it drop dead simple to publish, promote and sell out events,” she said. “Now, we’re flipping the switch by creating a whole new way for anyone to find out about great events. By capturing which events your friends are attending and sharing, we can show you the most relevant, personalized and even surprising event recommendations.”

The Eventbrite move is similar to film review site Rotten Tomatoes’ recent implementation of Instant Personalization and Amazon’s use of Facebook Connect to make social shopping recommendations. While users have to either opt in or have content in their public profile, it shows the increasingly porous nature of the wall between Facebook content and the wider web.

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