Experience CES 2015 in Six Minutes

It’s all over but the sponsorship deals.

CES 2015 is a thing of the past, and now we’re left trying to figure out what it all means. This morning we enjoyed writer Jared Bellini’s take on the event and its attendant “PR wranglers”; NYT’s David Carr was both over- and underwhelmed, calling the show a definitive meeting of the tech and marketing disciplines.

Now let’s see it from a journalist’s perspective. Here’s the whole deal in less than three minutes via the geeks at Ars Technica, who admit that their staff “doesn’t get out much”:

The Verge’s video take on the event is even more impressive (and all but guaranteed to cause seizures):

For those who’ve yet to attend CES, these clips make the schizophrenic nature of the tech onslaught a bit clearer. As Carr put it in his piece, the show is really all about “the people who run huge companies…having top-to-top meetings in various hotel suites to set up deals for the next year.”

So what’s the big takeaway from CES this year? Thanks to our trusty friend research, we can tell you that the hottest technology of 2015 is batteries.

Yes, a Fortune survey conducted during the show found that very, very few consumers plan to buy smart glasses next year…but nearly all of them want their devices to last a bit longer.

Despite all the attention paid to “4K” TVs that bend, 3/4 of participants were also unfamiliar with the newest generation in sit-on-your-ass technology. The message here seems to be that, however shiny the client’s newest toy may be, the average consumer is all about practicality.

What does the product do for me in my daily life, and how does it make task X easier? If the answer is “very little,” then most consumers won’t be interested — no matter how responsive the drone’s remote control happens to be.

That said, the Apple Watch may well be “a launching pad for the next wave of billion-dollar consumer tech startups.

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