Explosion At iPad Factory Cause Death & Injury

Workers in a factory that makes iPads in China were harmed in an explosion at the plant this week.

The New York Times reports: “Two people were killed immediately, and over a dozen others hurt. As the injured were rushed into ambulances, one in particular stood out. His features had been smeared by the blast, scrubbed by heat and violence until a mat of red and black had replaced his mouth and nose.”

Apple reported this week that they sold 15.43 million iPads during fiscal Q1 2012. In order to keep up with the demand, The Times reports that working conditions in these factories are not always regulated and can include violations such as the improper use of hazardous chemicals, seven day work weeks and underage workers.

To be fair, The Times piece points out that Apple is not alone. Dell, HP, I.B.M. Motorola, Nokia, Sony and others have also had unsafe factory issues.

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