Facebook Becomes #1 Social Networking Site In Europe

comScore announced today that Facebook is now Europe’s top social network. Facebook grew 314% in Europe during the last year, attracting 100 million European visitors in February 2009. Facebook went from non-existent to #1 in most of the European countries tracked by comScore, who measures the digital world.
“The growth rates we are seeing are unbelievable” said Andrew Lipsman, comScore’s Director of Industry Analysis in conversation with AllFacebook yesterday.

comScore highlights amazing talking points:

  1. Facebook garners 4% of all time spent online line in Europe
  2. Facebook is the leading social network site in 11/17 European countries that comScore tracks
  3. Facebook recently took the top spot in Spain.

“Does this mark the start of Facebook’s world domination?” is the question Nick presciently asked when the Spanish language version of Facebook launched just 14 months ago. Well, apparently it did 🙂

European Engagement Metrics

Facebook’s engagement share in social networking grew 3X to 30% of all time spent on social networks in Europe.
Europeans spend 4% of their online time on Facebook, which still lags behind the US (Americans spend 6% of their time on Facebook).

Facebook European Growth and Visitors By County

comScore determines Facebook’s #1 status in Europe by aggregating Facebook’s rank across all of the European countries.
comScore’s provides a country by country overview of unique visitors, year over year growth and Facebook’s rank among social networks (see comScore table below).

Some amazing facts jump out at me:

  • Facebook is #1 or #2 in 14/17 European countries.
  • Facebook is growing almost 3,000% a year in Italy.
  • There were 22 M Facebook visitors in the UK alone.