Facebook’s ad share expected to grow to more than 15 percent

The increasing demand for mobile devices coupled with Facebook’s focus on mobile monetization is resulting in some dramatic gains for the company in the ad market.

Facebook is expected to experience an increase in its share of the global mobile Internet ad revenues, according to eMarketer’s ad spending and revenues estimates. For this year, Facebook’s market share of ad revenue is expected to reach 15.8 percent, up from 5.35 percent in 2012, the first year the company offered mobile advertising. Facebook shares the lead with Google as being the top ad publisher not only for mobile but all of digital.

Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook ads are harder to overlook and completely ignore because you have to scroll by them in your News Feed. Facebook ads give you the placement but it’s up to you to deliver the correct content within the ad to capture the user’s attention.

Start with strategy
Like any PR initiative, you should begin with a strategic approach. Facebook advertising shouldn’t be put in a silo. A successful Facebook advertising post is achieved by including it into a larger plan with also earned and owned media.

A good strategic plan should use your Facebook advertising as a funnel to help push critical content to a wider target audience. Well-placed and targeted Facebook advertising can not only get more users to your company’s B2B page but also to its website. Therefore, create a strategic plan that not only incorporates paid, earned, and owned media but leverages them to work successfully off one another.

Take a discerning approach
The critical element to a successful strategic plan, which includes Facebook advertising, is knowing when and when not to promote content. Not every piece of content that you create in the digital world needs to be promoted via Facebook advertising. You want to be sure to promote the content that will have the biggest impact. Also, you don’t want to over-promote or else you will develop the reputation of being spammy. Be selective when you promote.

Content is still the key
When creating a Facebook ad, content is still the key component. Create valuable content on different digital platforms that can be shared. For example, a blog article filled with educational and informative content could be easily and strategically promoted via a Facebook ad to garner more coverage and attract followers.

Content needs to be written for that particular digital platform as well as audience. It needs to resonate with the audience so that you can capture their attention. Ideally, a well-placed Facebook ad will leverage this targeted content to capture more users and followers.
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