Facebook Advertisements Increase Politicians' Likes 800%

Political advertisements increase Facebook likes eightfold or more.

Interaction between lawmakers in Congress and constituents has grown 300 percent through the use of Facebook ads.

That’s based on data from legislative e-communications firm iConstituent. The Washington, D.C., based firm works with more than 90 lawmakers on Capitol Hill and other elected officials in executing their Facebook advertising, which is aimed at the people they serve in their congressional districts.

Among the Facebook study’s other findings with respect to congressional offices and Facebook ads:

  • 900 percent-plus increase in average number of people liking an elected official’s page after Facebook ads, and
  • 10 times return on investment as compared to a traditional, glossy paper mailer for one tenth of the price.

These statistics show that lawnmakers are using social media to do a better job representing their constituents . Like Andrew Foxwell, iConstituent’s manager of new media and marketing, told us:

With more than 800 million Facebook users and 42 percent of adults on the social networking site, it’s a critical tool for lawmakers, companies, really any major brand, to engage with key audiences. Especially since many lawmakers are in the nation’s Capital a majority of the time when Congress is in session.

Paul Bell, director of new media for Congresswoman Karen Bass, a Democrat from California, told us earlier this year that Facebook ads play a key role in growing Facebook followers. He added that the ads can also incite action on behalf of a particular bill and allow his office to engage with a broader cross-section of constituents.

What do you think of congressional offices’ use of Facebook ads to reach constituents?

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