Facebook Advertisers, Get Ready For Timeline

With more brands integrating social strategies into marketing plans, it's crucial that businesses take note of and adapt Facebook's changes.

With more brands integrating social strategies into marketing plans, it’s crucial that businesses take note of and adapt to Facebook’s changes.

If you haven’t noticed the timeline format on Facebook, you must have been avoiding the Internet. At the end of this month, the format will go live across all pages.

While users with personal accounts have mixed reactions to the format, brands everywhere should be rejoicing, and most importantly, converting.

The timeline is great for advertisers because it allows the brand to tell their story, and offers a great location to put high-impact graphics for supporting the story.

While brands are not allowed to use this space for blatant, banner-type advertising, it’s the perfect place for brands to show consumers who they are.

In fact, the default tab will no longer be available after March 30, so advertisers, unless you want Facebook choosing your brand message for you, you should make sure you have a plan for what your page will look like in timeline view before the social network forces you to.

Get Creative With Apps

On a timeline, brands will also have the ability to interchange their Facebook apps, and configure their own, unique to their brand.

As a brand, having the ability to use these apps to highlight special promotions, videos, sweepstakes or games is a huge way for advertisers to customize their pages.

Feature Your Favorite Posts

Facebook is now giving brands free range to feature or pin their favorite posts, photos, or promotions. Once the timeline format is in place, advertisers can scroll back in time and re-feature their favorite posts.

This gives the brand the ability to keep whatever they want to at the top of their page. By pinning visually stimulating videos or photos, brands can essentially show you what you should be looking at while checking out their pages.

Added Real Estate

Perhaps the most incredible enhancement for advertisers is the added real estate that Facebook is forking over to business pages. ‘

Brands are usually working with a 512 pixel wide area to put all of their content.

Now, Facebook offers brands the ability to use the full width of the Facebook page. This gives advertisers more space to work with, and can be especially effective within apps for video and photos.

Create Offers

Facebook is phasing out deals in favor of offerscalled offers, which will allow advertisers to create their own deals for free on their own pages, and pay only to elevate the promotions to homepages.

Previously, this function was only offered to Facebook’s places, but merging this function to work for business pages will most definitely have a huge impact in the way consumers interact with their favorite brands.

The Future Of Brands On Facebook

Although we aren’t sure what other amazing tricks Facebook has up its sleeve, one thing is clear: the site will continue to evolve.

If your brand has a Facebook page, make sure you are keeping up with the new features and changes

The key to a successful social campaign is keeping it social. Facebook will help by making connections with your consumer happen more seamlessly, but brands need to do their part to utilize all the tools for best results.

Guest writer Matt Reed is a developer at redpepper. Images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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