92% Of Political Ad Buyers Choose Facebook: Report

With the Iowa caucus today marking the official start of election season, a survey reveals that political advertisers are focusing on Facebook.

With the Iowa caucus today marking the official start of election season, Strata, which provides software for media selling and buying, conducted a survey on how political advertisers are spending their budgets, and Facebook dominated the social category.

Strata found that 92 percent of respondents said they would spend money on Facebook, followed in the social category by:

  • Twitter, 46 percent
  • YouTube, 31 percent
  • LinkedIn, 31 percent
  • Google Plus, 23 percent

Our thinking here is that Facebook is the social network most capable of presenting the complete package — text, video, links — with easier access than Twitter and without the 140-character limit.

Survey respondents perceive YouTube as a source for video only, while LinkedIn is a professional networking site, which made its high total surprising. Google Plus shares Facebook’s characteristics but is still too new, people said.

Other Strata findings included:

  • Fewer than a quarter of respondents’ political clients chose to use mobile in their advertising efforts.
  • Overall digital ad spending has doubled since the 2010 election.
  • Iowa is currently atop the list of where the most political advertising dollars are going, at 50 percent, followed by Pennsylvania at 25 percent, and a tie at 13 percent apiece between New Hampshire and Nevada.

Readers: Have you encountered any impactful political ads on Facebook?

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.