Facebook allows advertisers to target broad categories, precise interests simultaneously

Advertisers can now target Facebook users by broad category and precise interests at the same time using the Power Editor tool, according to a company spokesperson. We’ve also learned this is available to Ads API partners.

In the traditional self-serve ad dashboard, advertisers have to choose whether to target broad categories or switch to precise interest targeting. With the Ads API or Power Editor, an advertiser can now, for example, select the broad category “expecting parents” and then narrow down that category by targeting precise interests like The Food Network. Previously advertisers could only target one or the other.

This function is currently exclusive to Power Editor users and Ads API partners. Power Editor works with spreadsheet applications like Excel to make ad creation and optimization more efficient. Advertisers working with Facebook account managers can request access to the application. (See the new targeting UI below.)

The social network introduced the option of broad category targeting in April 2011. Since then it has expanded the options available, including the ability to target Hispanics, people who have recently moved, expecting parents, iPhone users and other valuable categories. Simultaneously targeting broad categories and precise interests could be very useful for small business owners and niche marketers. However, Facebook hasn’t indicated if or when it will make this feature available to all advertisers.

Image credit No. 1: Hussein Fazal, AdParlor CEO.

Image credit No. 2 and hat tip to Aim Clear Blog, which first reported the Power Editor change.

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