Get Free Clip Art For Facebook Timeline App Thumbnails

If you're in need of application thumbnail icons for a timeline page, check out these freebies.

Upgrading your page to timeline requires you to also upgrade all of the applications for display on the more expansive real estate that the advanced layout includes, including the larger thumbnails for apps.
With that in mind, social media consultant Jon Loomer and designer Nate Gorman created 72 icons that people can use to fill these thumbnails, now available for free at this link.
The free icons are six sets of 12 apiece, each set in a different color scheme.
Loomer noted in an email that he and Gorman can also design customized versions by request; actually, the potential to upsell other designs is the whole idea behind giving away the free clip art.
Readers, how much does the thumbnail image influence whether you click through to a page’s timeline application?

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