Massive Error With Facebook Platform Results In New Application Install Failure (Updated)

When trying to install new applications Facebook users are being prompted with a screen which says “In order to perform this action, you must confirm your email address.” It then tells the user that a confirmation email has been sent to their email address and to enter the confirmation code. No code is being sent The email notifications are then substantially delayed and thus no applications can be [easily] installed.

I’m not quite sure if this is a new layer of security that Facebook is adding but it is preventing from any application being installed by a user. I’m not sure how long this has been going on but it will most definitely impact installs over the next few hours. Personally I have no idea why this new dialog box appears but so far I have not been able to install any applications.

Currently, existing applications are still accessible but now new installs can be created. That means any cost per install campaigns being run by ad networks will be losing money during this time and application developers will be not be able to obtain any new installs. If you’re are one of the fortunate applications that are adding upwards of a million or two million users a day, one hour of downtime can mean a lost of over 50,000 users.

Are you experiencing these errors as well? Let us know! We will be updating this post once we learn more about the error taking place.

It appears that applications can be installed if they are found through news feed stories but not if they are installed from application about pages.

Update 2
It appears that the email is being sent out in a delayed manner. What’s still not explained is why that box is popping up for existing users. The email being sent says:

Hey Name,

You recently registered for Facebook. If you are prompted, please use the following confirmation code:

Code #: 1234569234225

Or visit this link: [Link to confirmation page]

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