Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg addresses Atlas, Ello at Advertising Week

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Earlier this week, Facebook unveiled its newest ad network: Atlas. Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, spoke at Advertising Week in New York, explaining the company’s motivation for the rebuild and relaunch of the entity Facebook acquired last year from Microsoft.

Sandberg spoke with Fortune CEO Alan Murray about Facebook’s plans for Atlas:

If you look at how ads are served and measured, the systems we’ve used to do them aren’t working anymore. Because they’re cookie-based, they don’t work on mobile. They don’t work offline to online. And they don’t really understand that people have multiple devices. They worked really well when everyone had a desktop computer and nothing else. The old systems don’t work.

(Atlas) enables ad-serving and measurement. So that it’s real people and real results. It enables marketers to be more effective and actually reach their target. We think close to 40% of the targeting that is just age and gender, which is the most basic targeting anyone does online, is not getting to the right people.

She also tried to quiet concerns about privacy, telling Murray during the interview, “Neither Atlas nor Facebook tells anyone who you are.”

Sandberg was also asked about Ello, the blossoming, minimalistic, invite-only social network that many people are flocking to. Her response to the site’s growth (and potential danger to Facebook):

I haven’t seen the site. Ever since I’ve been at Facebook, I see things all the time which are like, ‘My Mom’s getting on Facebook, I’m getting off.’ Saturday Night Live did that skit years ago. What really matters is that people get the best product. And they get that by a company being very focused.

People will continue to use Facebook if they understand that we don’t tell who they are to anyone, if they understand that they have control over what they share, and if we build a great product that continues to connect. I think what we’re really focused on is all of those things, particularly the product. What we worry about as we get bigger is, we want to innovate. And so we stay very focused on continuing to ship products.

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