Earn Free Facebook Credits For Installing Mobile Apps [UPDATED]

Earn free Facebook Credits for installing applications on your iPhone or Android device.

This looks pretty cool: Earn free Facebook Credits for installing applications on your iPhone or Android device.
AppDog offers this incentive on its mobile website.
Those visiting the site AppDog from a desktop are asked for their email address or cell number and sent a link which they are asked to open from their mobile device.
Once they reach AppDog on their mobile device, users are asked to log into Facebook and register their device.
The app asks for permission to publish stories to your news feed; it posts only once, refraining from broadcasting every time you install an application.
The company’s Co-Founder, John Osbourne, said in an email that AppDog works with Tapjoy to offer the Credits reimbursement.
He said:

We do not spam our users’ news feeds. It’s true, we do ask for permission to publish to our users’ feeds; however, we make only a single post to each user’s wall at the time the user signs up for AppDog. The post is simple and is not worded to sound as if the user composed it: “AppDog – Download iPhone & Android Apps, Earn Free Facebook Credits!” We do not post thereafter.

Trial/subscription deals make up a very small minority of our offers. We promote three types of offers. Users can earn virtual currency for:

  1. Downloading and opening an app;
  2. Downloading an app and completing some action in the app (e.g., “Get to level 2”);
  3. Completing an affiliate offer (e.g., “Sign up for Blockbuster”).

The vast majority of our available offers fall into the first category. AppDog users on iOS will find hundreds of apps available for download, and we add new apps daily. On Android, we have fewer offers that Credit users for the simple task of installing and opening an app. We supplement our Android offer wall with offers of the third kind. We freely admit that iOS users are more satisfied with our offering because there is a larger selection of “download this app” offers.

A very small portion of our revenue is derived from affiliate offers. The apps we promote are high quality. Of the apps we offer, the vast majority are from high-quality, reputable app developers. …Today for example, the most popular offers were:

  1. Download Zynga’s recently released “Dream PetHouse;” and
  2. Download “Derby Days” by Com2us.

If you like mobile apps and Facebook Credits, AppDog is worth your time. Many of our users report that AppDog is the best way to earn free Facebook Credits. Today, AppDog gave U.S.-based users on iOS around 400 apps to choose from. Of these, more than 100 were free. Many users who joined AppDog today earned more than $5 worth of free Facebook Credits. Many of our older users have been returning to the site daily or weekly since we launched last winter.

Here is how AppDog actually works. AppDog earns money by promoting mobile apps. For each app downloaded from the AppDog site, we earn revenue. We take the majority of this revenue and gift it (in the form of virtual currency) to the user who downloaded the app. It’s simple and everyone wins: Developers who advertiser with AppDog get new customers. Our users discover new apps and earn free Facebook Credits.

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