Easter Eggs In Facebook Photos

Facebook is well known for their hidden Easter eggs around the site. For those of you not aware of what I mean by Easter eggs, they are little things that developers leave behind in the process of building out a product. For the Facebook site there are currently two random photos that have been found. One that many people have been pinging me about for the past month is the photo of a guy who has a baby bib on which says “Little Celtics Fan”.

You can get to the photo by visiting the top directory for any photo. For example, if you visit this folder a copy of the image will show up. The other photo appears through a random favicon file. For those unaware of what a favicon is, it is the icon which shows up to the left of a site’s URL in your browser. Some browsers will also use the favicon for navigating between tabs.
I’m not quite sure where this came from but Tom Johns posted a copy of it on the AllFacebook public profile so I checked it out. It’s clearly an inside joke for somebody but unfortunately I’m not privy to the story. Considering that Easter is right around the corner, I figured now would be a good time to post about this.
Facebook is always leaving various Easter eggs around the site and these are just two of them. If you know of any other Easter eggs lying around the site, please feel free to let us know and we’ll try to post something about it!

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