Facebook Evangelizing HTML5

Facebook wants to see more third-party developers create applications using Hypertext Markup Language 5, and will host a discussion about the technology next week.

A week from today, Facebook’s developer relations team will host a presentation on Hypertext Markup Language 5. The event description includes some unabashed evangelism: Develop third-party applications in HTML5 to reap more from the social network’s platform, and vice versa.

HTML5 is very much a work in progress, but Facebook began delivering some functionality with the language this past summer. The social network’s developer blog describes the language in very broad terms:

It’s worth understanding that the term “HTML5” has come to mean more than just the single HTML5 specification, but really represents the next evolution of the web platform and thus dozens of related specifications. Many of them have already been implemented across recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

However you choose to define HTML5, the language promises the ability to offer web content to mobile devices, desktop PCs and everything in between. And like any set of standards or specifications, the more entities that embrace the technology, the more standardized it can get.

Facebook has so far used HTML5 to :

  • Create a high-definition video player for iPhone and iPad.
  • Enable the geolocation features for Places on mobile devices.
  • Store long web addresses in less space.

Doubtlessly, more uses of the markup lingo will be divulged during the presentation next Wednesday at 7 pm. Facebook’s technology talk about HTML5 will include one of the creators of Second Life, Cory Ondrejka, whom the social network hired with the acquisition of Walletin (now we can make a better guess about what the acquired startup was creating).

Joining him is CharlesJolley of SproutCore, which makes software for coding in HTML5. The other speaker listed for the event is Zynga’s Laurent Desegur, who will talk about the social gaming company’s development efforts.

And like so many other developer events hosted by the social network, the discussion will stream in real time on Facebook Live. Do you plan to attend the event or watch the broadcast?

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