Facebook Streamlines The Creation Of Events

Facebook just upgraded events to have more in common with groups while requiring fewer clicks to set up events.

In recent weeks, people have griped about spotty visibility of events, and now we know we have an explanation: Facebook just upgraded the feature.
The result aims to have more in common with groups while requiring fewer clicks to set up events.
Like Facebook Software Engineer Bob Baldwin said in a status update:

Less fields are required to create an event: name, date, and privacy. Details, location, and time fields are optional (as suggested in the placeholder text).

If you aren’t sure where to go upfront, anyone who joins the event can set its location later on. I think this works really well when you’re trying to plan something but aren’t sure of the location/time (ex “I want to see a movie with friends on Saturday”).

There’s now a friends privacy option (between public and invite-only). And there’s new support for timezones.

Additional changes include the wall only allowing comments from people who say they’re attending or might do so.
People can still provide a reason for not being able to make an event, but that doesn’t go up on the wall for all to see; only the individual who sent the invite can view the reason for a declined invitation.
The wall now shows posts in order of engagement rather than chronology. You can also follow — or unfollow — individual posts and ask questions here, if you’re attending.
Facebook sends notifications to the event’s creator about people who say they’re attending. And multiple people can be listed as hosts, so that recipients will see invitations coming from more than one person.
When someone declines an invitation, whoever sent the invite to that person receives the notification and is able to see why the person declined by clicking on “view declines.”
Readers, what do you think of the latest incarnation of events?