The Sims Social Keeps Growing Fastest On Facebook

The Sims Social has been the fastest growing application since its official debut on Facebook August 23. but if any app has the potential to overtake the popular Electronic Arts game's growth, it's Spotify.

The Sims Social continues to grow like crazy, as has been the case ever since the game launched on Facebook just over a month ago.
If any application has the potential to overtake the popular Electronic Arts game in terms of growth, it’s Spotify, which debuts in sixth place on our weekly chart, after only becoming available to all last Thursday.
Read on for more, and if you like what you see here, you’ll love the statistic tool used to compile these rankings.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

Name Daily Active Users Monthly Active Users Weekly Growth
1. The Sims Social 10,100,786 60,923,992 9,454,267
2. Static HTML: iframe tabs 3,876,052 56,550,035 2,691,940
3. TopFace 573,196 9,138,807 2,544,189
4. 60photos 859,784 13,735,983 2,540,893
5. 21 questions 5,488,592 32,945,483 1,737,431
6. Spotify 1,466,923 4,644,051 1,261,728
7. BeKnown 68,315 2,767,006 1,105,182
8. Truth Game 1,992,496 12,677,882 1,100,919
9. MyCalendar — Birthdays 1,029,298 15,867,913 1,052,542
10. Static Iframe Tab 458,237 13,627,736 981,882
11. My Friend Secret 994,096 6,232,214 924,247
12. Static IFRAME Tab : ThumbsUp Icon 105,631 4,225,136 819,435
13. Between You and Me 1,501,434 10,195,233 817,831
14. Truths About You 1,418,625 9,299,316 807,127
15. Friend Buzz 11,460 1,142,258 801,095
16. Friends Photos 224,213 4,966,157 787,715
17. schoolFeed 276,440 2,381,163 737,180
18. Pioneer Trail 2,443,828 12,715,371 718,699
19. Report Card 130,650 977,437 643,907
20. FarmVille 7,812,838 37,103,989 615,372


Varying daily active user totals yet high monthly active user statistics make us want to ask: Readers, do you find yourselves merely trying out The Sims Social only once, or are you frequenting the game?
The app continues to enjoy front-running monthly active yser totals, and a 9,454,267 weekly total gives it yet another first place finish.
Zynga finds itself with a few figurative black and blue marks to deal with, and Pioneer Trail‘s hard six spot fall seems to the be probable culprit. A 718,699 finish finds it lingering in 18th.
In the 20th position this week, FarmVille‘s recent promotions — including a noteworthy discounted gift card from American Express — entice 615,372 gamers to begin growing their own crops.

Page Building Tools

Continuing its lead over the page creation trend, Static HTML: iframe tabs presses forward to second by garnering a tabs built and view total of 2,691,940.
Not sharing in seven days of success, Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab collects a depleting 981,882 seven day increase that cuts the countdown in half.
Leaping forward, Static IFRAME Tab : ThumbsUp Icon takes eight large strides forward to 12th witnessing a 819,435 week.


Use TopFace to skim through endless pictures in hopes of meeting new faces and dates; 2,544,189 adds leaves the app one place behind its previous standing and settling third place.
For professional networking, BeKnown notches its first showing in seventh by amassing a 1,105,182 seventh place victory.
For those who need to expand their networks in the classroom, schoolFeed continues to connect those working together in dreaded group assignments. A decreasing 737,180 new students using the application leave it back four places in 17th.


Pressing forward after its initial tremendous rally, 60photos maintains a stronghold on the fourth spot welcoming an additional 2,540,893 picture viewers.
The app’s fastest growing rival — Friends Photos — cannot keep up and falls behind to 16th with its dwindling 787,715 adders.

Question Your Friends

It is a sensational week for this trend. Crashing into our countdown at the moment of a freight train, 21 questions makes a significant return in the fifth position; 1,737,431 curious minds aid in the return. Truth Game follows a similar pattern and nabs the 8th position amassing a 1,100,919 increase.