Facebook Gets Tough On Fake Pages

I’ve had two people contact me and say that their brand Pages have been eliminated by Facebook. My friend AJ Vaynerchuk had his Halo 3 page removed. He was then sent two alerts as posted below. Peter Corbett, an occasional contributor to this blog, has his Nintendo Wii group deleted. I had previously questioned what Facebook’s policy was for ensuring that Page owners were brand managers. Whatever their policy is, they have figured out which ones are fake.

If you have created a fake Page for the purpose of gaming the system you may want to delete it to avoid having your account suspended. I had spoken with a number of individuals who had created fake brand pages to try an see how large of a fan base they could build. Gaming the system can be used for spamming users. There are still other ways to spam users on Facebook but this post will not be a tutorial on how to spam Facebook users.

Have you created any fake brand pages? What do you plan on doing with them if you have? Also, if you have your own brand’s Facebook pages, have they been successful?

Page Violation Warning

Account Disabled Warning

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