Hate Facebook’s Changes? Try These Two Apps!

If you haven't yet tried a Facebook browser extension, now's the time to install one, to mitigate features that drive you nuts.

The rash of complaints about the changes Facebook introduced Tuesday has led to a resurgence of support for browser extensions that eliminate many of the social network’s “unwanted” features.
Better Facebook offers features such as tabbed news feeds, skins for users’ pages, advanced feed filters, the option to hide posts that have been read, removal of recent activity from profiles, enlarged thumbnails when hovered over, and highlighted new comments, among others. It is available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera 11, and Greasemonkey, but not for Internet Explorer.
The litany of changes to the Facebook homepage and newsfeed affected Better Facebook, as well, as a note on its homepage advises users that only the most current version will now work.
And F.B. Purity, short for “Fluff-Busting Purity,” helps Facebook users filter out application spam (such as game notifications and quizzes) and select which boxes they want displayed on the right-hand side of their homepages, as well as adding the ability to hide the following Facebook features in its new release: ticker/happening now, the chat box, comments on event walls, comments and likes in top news, and questions.
The extension — available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera — also adds a “delete recent activity” button to users’ profile pages.
Readers: Do you use any browser extensions or other overlay applications to improve your Facebook experience? Or do the latest changes to the site make you want to go use these applications right now?

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.