Facebook Adds Mobile Referrals To Insights Dashboard

A new component in Facebook's insights dashboard shows mobile traffic referrals.

A new component in Facebook’s insights dashboard shows mobile traffic referrals.
Click on the “mobile” link within the traffic section of the insights dashboard to access this new set of data.
It includes line graphs of traffic referral sources for mobile visitors and the types of handheld devices they’re using.

According to the Facebook developer blog, you can also view line graphs of the following mobile traffic referral sources:

  • Feed: These referrals are triggered by publishing via Open Graph, Graph API, or using the feed dialog.
  • Timeline: These referrals from timeline are mobile app referral clicks that come directly from Timeline as a result of publishing content as noted above.
  • Notification: Referrals from notifications are triggered via sending requests on mobile web, iOS, or Android.
  • Bookmark: Indicates the number of clicks to your app via bookmarks. Bookmarks are automatically displayed to the user within Facebook once they login to your app. This list of bookmarks is in sync across desktop and mobile so the apps you use most frequently are there when you want them.
  • Search: Indicates the number of clicks to your app via direct search.
  • Unknown: Referrals may be marked as unknown when your app receives traffic from or redirects users back to certain Facebook endpoints. If you see a high number of of unknown referrals, make sure that your app never redirects users on mobile devices to apps.facebook.com.

The new section of insights also includes mobile demographics — age, country and language spoken — as pictured below.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.