Facebook Adds Instant-Verification Component for Account Kit to Android SDK

Facebook added an instant-verification component for its Account Kit to its software-development kit for Android.

Facebook added an instant-verification component for its Account Kit to its software-development kit for Android.

The social network introduced Account Kit at F8 in April as a way for developers to allow users to login to their applications with their phone numbers or email addresses and to register for their apps without creating passwords.

The instant-verification feature announced Tuesday will immediately authenticate login requests by matching the mobile number tied to Account Kit with the mobile number connected to users’ Facebook accounts, and the social network said in an email to SocialTimes that this addition is particularly helpful in region where SMS service is unreliable.

Instant Verification Zing App

Posted by Facebook for Developers on Monday, December 19, 2016

Software engineer Ethan Goldman-Kirst added in a blog post:

Instant verification is the result of trying to streamline the login process and rely less on SMS for those signing in with their phone number. When a person enters his/her phone number into an app using Account Kit, via Android services, we attempt a match with the phone number listed on the person’s Facebook profile. This is only possible if the person is logged into the Facebook app on the same device. If there is a match, we can complete the verification without sending a one-time password via SMS, making the sign-in flow more seamless. If there isn’t a successful match, a SMS will be sent with a verification code to complete the sign-in. This feature is used only to improve the verification process in a secure way and no additional Facebook information is shared with the app.

Developers: What are your thoughts on Facebook’s new instant-verification component in its Android SDK?

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