Facebook Is Pulling the Plug on Messenger Peer-to-Peer Payments in the U.K. and France

The feature will vanish as of June 15

Messenger P2P payment in France - Credit by Facebook
Headshot of David Cohen

Facebook Messenger users in the U.K. and France will no longer be able to make peer-to-peer payments via the application as of June 15.

The feature will remain active for people in the U.S., as Facebook retains money transmitter licenses throughout the country.

P2P payments via PayPal were introduced for Messenger in October 2017, and the feature was extended to the U.K. and France the following month.

People in the U.K. and France will still be able to make charitable donations via Messenger.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “We are terminating the ability to send and receive payments in Messenger in both the U.K. and France effective June 15. After evaluating how we give people the best experiences in Messenger, we made the decision to focus our efforts on experiences that people find most useful. Users have been notified in preparation for this change.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.