Jesus Daily Is Facebook's Most Engaging Page

While social networkers give Mario Teguh continually skyrocketing interaction totals, the Indonesian motivational speaker can still not outdo the unrelenting Jesus Daily in Facebook page engagement.

While social networkers give Mario Teguh continually skyrocketing interaction totals, the Indonesian motivational speaker can still not outdo the unrelenting Jesus Daily in Facebook page engagement.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 8,597,283 4,305,412
2. Mario Teguh 4,753,783 1,447,597
3. The Bible 8,173,469 943,825
4. Justin Bieber 36,044,170 866,457
5. Manchester United 19,271,635 831,443
6. Dios Es Bueno! 4,280,543 683,710
7. Real Madrid C.F. 19,674,689 663,669
8. FC Barcelona 20,408,054 641,917
9. Jesus Christ 3,039,060 582,936
10. 6,445,640 535,562
11. MTV Roadies 3,059,432 463,016
12. eN KapAK NiCkLEr 1,262,715 449,998
13. Lil Wayne 31,328,764 443,723
14. Barack Obama 23,177,129 416,910
15. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,536,303 414,800
16. Lord Ganesha 1,608,905 411,806
17. Club Atletico Boca Juniors 2,526,369 405,648
18. Im a Muslim & Im Proud 6,433,912 388,309
19. WWE 6,724,863 384,905
20. Empires & Allies 6,114,832 348,409


The approach and focus on specific content in each post remains the same, and it is a rewarding result for Jesus Daily who once again reaches unattainable levels of success that are yet to be remotely emulated. The page finishes off the month the way in its usual fashion and does so by finishing with a booming 4,305,412 interaction total.

In third place for another seven days, The Bible holds on tightly by tallying 943,825 posters. One of the pages that whose progress was worth noting this month is Dios Es Bueno, and we tracked its highs and lows throughout. The page seems to be settling nicely into the sixth position as it accrues 683,710 responders.

After a very successful comeback last week, this regular to the engaging countdown, the page dedicated to Jesus Christ, takes a tumble to ninth place as it sees a decreasing 582,936 total.

As mentioned in last week’s post, is looking to grow its fan base. It is a good sign that they are continuing to produce stimulating content for their audience as they improve by three places to cut this week’s list in two; 535,562 likers aid in the page’s progress. Unfortunately not sharing in that success story, Im a Muslim & Im Proud takes nine steps in the wrong direction by hearing only 388,309 voices in the discussions.

Though many are still regularly contributing to the conversation on Joyce Meyer Ministries’, the page loses its momentum now that the conferences held last week are over; a 414,800 finish places it in a lower-standing 15th place ranking.

Showing signs of active viewers, Lord Ganesha pushes forward two notches to 16th by garnering 411,806 partakers in the conversation.


With a slightly smaller showing overall, Mario Teguh once again proves to be the exception for our international competitors. Improving on last week’s buzzing numbers, 1,447,597 interactions gives him yet another strong second place victory.

Though the auditions go on, “MTV Roadies” in India loses grip and kicks off the second half of the countdown by collecting 463,016 responses. In Turkey, En Kapak Nickler returns with a huge 449,998 12th place week.


Noisy chaos is expected to ensue on Justin Bieber’s Facebook hub with the recent news of him renting out the entire Staple Center for a date with his celebrity girlfriend. We wait to see where the young star lands at the beginning of October, but for now Bieber will take one step forward to fourth with a thank you owed to 866,457 talkative fans.

With an upcoming world tour announcement, Lil Wayne makes a 443,723 comeback into the 13th spot.


It must be time for European football season once again. Though they are forced to play a defensive role, Manchester United holds on in fifth still managing to amass a hefty 831,443 commenters. Real Madrid C.F nabs 663,669 posts in response to their upcoming season, picture updates of the day, and more creative daily posts.

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