Facebook Kills Audio

According to VentureBeat, Facebook has killed the Audio application. I had a chance to interview the application creator, Numair Faraz, earlier this month. I have inquired with him about a follow-up discussion to get his input on what has happened. I am hoping to have a response later tonight. The Audio application had over 750,000 users and was growing rapidly. The only problem was that entire tracks were being uploaded which was a clear violation of United States copyright laws. When I spoke with Numair previously I asked him about this:

Nick O’Neill: If you take a look at the songs being uploaded via the Audio application, the majority of the songs are copyrighted. How is it that your application is not in violation of music copyright laws?

Numair: Well, we have very stringent copyright takedown policies that follow the terms of the DMCA. I can’t say much about this issue at the moment other than that we are in discussions with all of the major record labels, and several of the independents.

While they had stringent copyright takedown policies, not many songs were being taken down. There is no indication as to whether or not this is a final decision. Hopefully Numair can shed some light on the issue later today. I’m guessing he may be preoccupied. When I asked him about additional features earlier this month, Numair responded, “Well, artists and record label executives keep badgering me to get those features done, and I really want to get them done, but beautiful girls and warm sunny beaches are one hell of a distraction.” If you get too distracted though it looks like Facebook will shut you down. So remember: if you plan on launching an illegal application on Facebook, it will not be staying up indefinitely.

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