Facebook launches mobile ads: Sponsored Stories and Premium page post ads within News Feed

At today’s fMC event in New York City, Facebook announced that Sponsored Stories and Premium ads will begin to appear in News Feed on m.facebook.com and native iOS and Android apps. This marks the first time the company has brought ads into its mobile products and is part of a significant update to its marketing and advertising products, centered around the introduction of Timeline for businesses.

Sponsored Stories in the mobile News Feed will appear similar to Sponsored Stories on the desktop News Feed, which were introduced in January. Premium ads are only available to advertisers working directly with Facebook representatives, not from the self-serve or Ads API tools.

While the introduction of Sponsored Stories to the mobile News Feed was expected, the appearance of Premium Ads in both the desktop and mobile News Feed (as opposed to their previous position on the right side of the desktop homepage) is very new. This allows premium advertisers to reach fans connected to their Page from within News Feed, even if there is no friend activity that could generate a Sponsored Story. While Premium ads in the News Feed are still relevant to the user, as they are only displayed to users who have already liked a given page, they are arguably less organic than Facebook’s past offering of Sponsored Stories in the News Feed, as they are focused on promoting content at scale, rather than friend activity on a Page.

Users who do not want to see promoted page posts in News Feed can unlike those pages. However, if a friend interacts with a page and the page is paying for Sponsored Stories, those items can show on desktop and  mobile.

Stay tuned for more coverage of today’s fMC event, and see our liveblog of the keynote presentation here.

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