Facebook Page Like Sponsored Stories More Prominent

The most popular type of sponsored story advertisement on Facebook now has a bigger layout.

Page like sponsored stories stand out more in news feeds.

The ads, which aim to get users to like something that a friend has liked, have a larger layout, with more graphics added.

They include the advertiser’s main profile image, plus miniature thumbnails of more friends who also like the brand.

At the bottom of the ad, next to the linked words “like this page,” a link saying “find more pages” leads to a window full of similar pages.

The new ad layout also has a very brief description of the advertiser appearing toward the top center of the ad.

The label in the bottom right corner of the ad changes from as well as a change in label from “featured” to “sponsored.”

Sister blog Inside Facebook noted that a sponsored story ad remained in the news feed for an hour, and stayed there even when the homepage reloaded.

While sponsored stories are now eligible to appear on mobile devices, the Target ad pictured at the top of this post hasn’t shown up on any of the handhelds that Inside Facebook looked at.

Facebook has said that the page like is the most popular of the seven types of sponsored stories promotions offered by the site.

Readers: Have you noticed the larger page like sponsored stories in your news feeds yet?

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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