Viral? Not! Only 2% Of Fans Share Facebook Page Posts

Just under two percent of a page's fans reshare posts, on average, according to statistics from EdgeRank Checker.

Have you looked at the “virality rate” statistic in your page insights — the percentage of fans who reshare a page’s posts and wondered why the percentage looked so low?

Take heart: 61 percent of page have a virality rate of 2.5 percent or less, according to EdgeRank Checker.

The median rate came out to 1.9 percent.

EdgeRank Checker arrived at these figures after analyzing over 375,000 individual posts collectively put out by 10,000 pages, from February 3 through March 3 of this year. Total fan counts and posting frequency varied among the sample studied.

EdgeRank Checker embarked on this analysis after someone asked about the average virality rate on Quora.

The average rate is actually 2.97 percent but EdgeRank Checker Founder Chad Wittman said the figure is “an average of an average,” which actually makes the median more accurate.

The median effectively shows a single average because of the varying sizes and posting frequencies of the pages studied.

What all of this data seems to suggest: Nearly every page on Facebook has room to increase the number of fans who reshare posts.

Most of the messages that spread the furthest on Facebook have little to do with anything commercial.

On the other hand, it might be unrealistic to expect larger percentages of fans to reshare content.

What do you think of these statistics, readers?

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