Pretzel Crisps Uses Facebook To Promote New Flavors

Pretzel Crisps has had success on Facebook before, so why not use the social network to promote the introduction of two new flavors, with help from Buddy Media?

Pretzel Crisps has had success working with Buddy Media on Facebook before, so why not do it again to promote the introduction of two new flavors?
Through Friday, the snack-food maker is hosting a sweepstakes on Facebook to alert noshing users about new flavors Jalapeño Jack and Chipotle Cheddar.
One case of each of the two new varieties will be given away every hour for 100 hours, but users must re-enter every hour for chances to win. The 100 winners will then vie for a grand prize of $5,000. Winners will be posted on the newsfeed of the Pretzel Crisps Facebook page.
As we stated earlier, this is not Pretzel Crisps’ first Facebook rodeo. The vendor posted a $1 off coupon on its Facebook page at the end of February, followed by a buy-one, get-on-free coupon in mid-March, more than doubling the number of fans of its page in both cases.
Are Pretzel Crisps and Buddy Media taking advantage of the new marketing features introduced by Facebook last week? That’s what we asked Buddy Media Vice President of Communications Joe Ciarallo, founding editor of sister blog PRNewser, and he said:

Facebook is constantly making tweaks to newsfeed to maximize the experience for users and publishers. Also, the addition of the ticker is a great opportunity for brand stories to be surfaced in real-time for their fans. In regards to the new functionality introduced last week, the changes thus far have been to profiles only, not brand pages.

While there have been changes to the news feed, engagement proves to be the most powerful, as Facebook’s EdgeRank is based entirely off engagement on a brand’s content. However, it would be interesting to see, with the new Facebook functionality changing the way friends interact, if and how those new content-sharing channels affect the way Pretzel Crisps’ sweepstakes message spreads.

Readers, have you noticed any changes in frequency of marketing messages on your newsfeeds since Facebook implemented its changes last week? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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