Facebook re-launches Slingshot


Roughly six months after launching Slingshot, Facebook Creative Labs announced Thursday that they’ve re-focused the app to allow for more frictionless sharing.

When it was first released, Slingshot was similar to Snapchat, but requiring a user to send a message back in order to read a message received. Facebook admitted that this wasn’t conducive to sharing, so it opened up the app by getting rid of that restriction. Now, it is relaunching with Instagram-like filters as a straight-up photo messaging app.

Facebook blogged about the new Slingshot:

With Slingshot we originally set out to create a place where you could share real, raw moments with your friends. Since we released the first version we have been listening to all of the great feedback from our community and have been cranking away at a big update that we’re super excited to release today.

The new Slingshot: share life as it happens.

We understand that improving a product isn’t only about what you add, but about what you remove, so we made a simpler, cleaner, more fun Slingshot.

With the new Slingshot, users can send a photo message (or a looping video) with just two taps. They can also add one of five filters, as well as include captions and drawings.

When users pull down the camera, they’ll see a grid of the most recent content from the past day. This content only sticks around for 24 hours, or until someone swipes them away. Much like the original Slingshot, users can respond privately with a photo or video reply. Through the Explore screen, Slingshot users can find interesting and trending creators from around the world.

Readers: Are you a Slingshot user?

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