Facebook's Two New Promos: Reach Generator, Logouts

Want to promote a post from your page and pay on an ongoing basis instead of paying per click or view? That's what Reach Generator does.

Want to promote a post from your page and pay on an ongoing basis instead of paying per click or view?
You’ll be able to do that with Reach Generator, which Facebook guarantees to show to 75 percent of a page’s fans over the course of the month.
That contrasts with 16 percent of a page’s fans that see posts that don’t have any ads on Facebook.
Facebook announced another premium promotional tool today: a “logout experience” page that Facebook will show people immediately after they sign off on a computer.
This will differ from the current prompt to log back on or sign up for a new account. Instead, Facebook will show a premium ad spanning the greater portion of the page.
Like our esteemed sibling blog Inside Facebook said about log-off promotions:

Though many Facebook users stay logged in for long periods, this potentially represents monetization of hundreds of millions of monthly pageviews that previously display advertising. The addition of premium ads to the logout page will help Facebook generate enough impressions to reach the 75 percent of fans that it guarantees through its Reach Generator solution for premium advertisers, also announced today.

Any premium page post ad is eligible to be shown on the logout screen. This includes videos, photos, offers, events and questions. A user does not have to be connected to a page in order to see this type of ad.

Our take: This type of ad might work best if it happened to relate to whatever the user had just looked at immediately before signing off. Also, we wonder how much play this type of promotion would get since most people click away from Facebook without logging off, although that might be changing with people’s increased concerns about security.

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