Facebook Reportedly Putting ‘Finishing Touches’ on Music Platform

Could launch this month

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Facebook is making good on its rumored plans to launch a music service. Sources within the social network, which was first reported to be in talks with Spotify last May, told CNET that the company is putting the “finishing touches” on the new music feature.

“They are working on a platform for music where the goal is to create a connective tissue for fans,” said one source. While Facebook has so far refused to comment on the feature, several blogs reported in July that a software engineer had discovered code for a Facebook music downloading product called “Vibes.”

The site isn’t just limiting itself to a Spotify collaboration—sources said that Facebook is also partnering with MOG, Rhapsody, Slacker, and Rdio, which could give these smaller companies a big boost and even help them compete with Apple’s dominant iTunes music store.

Another unnamed Facebook exec said that the music companies are hoping that the platform will encourage users to discover new music that friends are sharing, rather than just searching for what they’re already familiar with. “Your friends are engaging with you on Facebook,” he told CNET. “It's the new form of radio or TV.”

Facebook is said to be launching the feature as part of its push to increase the site’s “stickiness” factor—getting its members to stick around for longer periods of time—and is working on similar partnerships with other media companies.

Sources said that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will likely unveil the music platform at Facebook’s developer conference, which starts on September 22.

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