Facebook roundup: IPO, Germany, Windows, location, more

Facebook adds $5.5B in credit – Facebook took on an additional $5.5 billion in credit lines as it prepares for an initial public offering. This will help the company pay the taxes on its employees’ restricted stock units when they vest six months after it goes public. Facebook previously had $2.5 billion in credit. Now it has a $5-billion credit facility and an additional $3-billion bridge facility for a total of $8 billion in credit, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Facebook accommodates German privacy rules – A judge in Germany ruled that Facebook’s Friend Finder violated privacy rules, but the company has already made the appropriate changes to the service, according to TechCrunch.

Facebook Messenger for Windows desktop client – Facebook officially launched its Messenger for Windows desktop this week after it was first revealed in December. With the application, users are able to chat, see notifications and read Ticker updates.

Details on Facebook’s location tags for stories – Facebook’s engineering blog posted details about how it built is new location infrastructure. Open Graph applications can now use location tagging just like native Facebook posts.

Appnostic, GoMio partner – Appnostic travel company and GoMio hostel website have partnered, allowing GoMio’s booking system to work in real time with Appnostic’s booking system.