Facebook Shines In Nielsen Social Media Report

Facebook is by far the largest social network in terms of monthly visitors, time spent on the site, and unique mobile users.

Nielsen released its latest quarterly report on social media today, and among other findings, Facebook was by far the largest social network in terms of monthly visitors, time spent on the site, and unique mobile users.

According to Nielsen, this past May, Facebook logged 140.336 million visitors, dwarfing the second-place finisher on the list, Blogger, which tallied 50.055 million. The rest of the list:

  • Twitter (23.617 million),
  • WordPress (22.417 million),
  • MySpace (19.25 million),
  • LinkedIn (17.786 million),
  • Tumblr (11.87 million),
  • Six Apart Typepad (8.578 million),
  • Yahoo Pulse (8.397 million), and
  • Wikia (7.601 million).

Nielsen added that 62 percent of those 140.336 million visitors in May were female.

As for minutes spent on websites during May, Facebook was even more dominant, totaling nearly 53.5 billion, with second-place Yahoo! far behind, at 17.2 billion. Please see the chart below for the rest of the list.

Facebook fared well when it came to unique mobile users, as well, with its total of 46.531 million for May 2011 blowing away the 11.453 million posted by second-place Twitter. The list was rounded out by:

  • LinkedIn (6.031 million),
  • MySpace (4.047 million), and
  • Photobucket (2.112 million).

Here are some other interesting take-aways from Nielsen’s latest quarterly report on social media:

  • The average social network user is most likely to be female, aged 18 to 34, Asian, from New England, with at least a college degree and pulling in a household income of less than $50,000 per year.
  • African Americans are more represented on Twitter than on any other social network.
  • Internet users with post-graduate degrees are three times more likely to visit LinkedIn than average Internet users.
  • The feature most respondents wanted on their mobile phones was GPS, and the feature most of them already had access to was the ability to download and play music.
  • Social networking was the third most popular mobile app category, with 60 percent of respondents with smartphones using them, trailing only games (67 percent), and weather (65 percent).
  • Finally, when compared with the average adult Internet user, active social network users were:
  • 45 percent more likely to go on a date;
  • 75 percent more likely to be heavy spenders on music;
  • 26 percent more likely to offer opinions on politics and current events;
  • 19 percent more likely to attend a professional sporting event;
  • 18 percent more likely to belong to a gym or health club;
  • 47 percent more likely to spend heavily on clothing, shoes, and accessories; and
  • 33 percent more likely to offer opinions on television shows.

Readers, how does your social media usage compare with the findings in Nielsen’s study?

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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