Facebook Starts Upgrading Profiles To Timeline

Timeline previews are kicking in on Facebook profiles, now that 37 million pages have had the advanced layout published.

A couple of readers told us that timeline previews have kicked in on their profiles without their having initiated the change themselves. A welcome message, coupled with the invitation to tour the features and publish, shows up at the top of the homepage.
The screenshot above was taken on a friend’s homepage March 21, and said party’s profile has since published a timeline (Note: The tour and publish buttons have been moved in the image in order to fit into this blog’s narrower column widths).
A sitewide rollout of timeline onto all profiles seems imminent. Six months have elapsed since Facebook first unveiled the timeline profile, and as of today, this advanced layout is live on all brand pages. Less technologically inclined folks have interpreted today’s timeline deadline to include profiles and pages, thinking the two are synonymous.
We know that 37 million pages — that’s the number of brand presences on Facebook — have timeline, but we’re eager to learn how many of the 845 million or so profiles om Facebook now have timeline. We’ll update this post with any numbers we obtain along those lines. In the meantime, readers, can you share your observations: How many of your friends have upgraded to timeline on their individual accounts?